Rob van Doeselaar
Changing Colors
After my education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam I made paintings, woodcuts and lithographs with "human beings" as the theme. I tried to explore expressions of emotion in relation to different situations. I painted and drew people as figurants in an urban environment or as dancers, as chess players and as admirers of visual art.

Then my work developed into abstraction quite quickly. The colors and the gesture of painting became the main forms of expression. With the use of transparent layers of paint I showed my affinity with graphic arts. I experimented a lot with monoprint and collage.

I started to make big travels. In volcanic Sicily I discovered the influence of ancient cultures and saw traces of the classical world in Greece, early christianity in Turkey and Moorish art in Andalusia. An extended stay in Gujarat (India) left a deep impression. As a result, my paintings became brighter and warmer in color.

Amsterdam 1978-1990