Rob van Doeselaar
Un Africain n' est
jamais seul

Nothing is really straight and square in Africa. Everything seems to be constructed in an organic way. Structure emerges accidentally.

In sunny Senegal Rob van Doeselaar's paintings become more vibrant. Painting on wooden stacks is inspired by shacks of scrapwood which are built all over the place. Rob starts to construct three dimensional wooden paintings. Human figures are omnipresent in a series of paintings comprising the theme Un Africain n’est jamais seul (an African is never alone). Anywhere in Senegal, in every house, at every corner of the street, even in the most remote areas, there is continiously somebody emerging. Mothers, ancestors and spirits float around tirelessly. Brothers and sisters, cousins, friends, nephews and nieces are constantly popping up. Children run around all the time. There is always somebody watching you.