Rob van Doeselaar
Shadows from trees and plants appear when the sun shines. They are like paintings of heaven. They move in the wind and resemble objects of transparent color. But actually they are spots that arise from a lack of light. In their simplicity shadows of trees and plants reveal something of the complexity of nature. It calls for questions about space, shape, color, contrast, connection, meaning and randomness.

Besides the shadow paintings, I also made a series of iPad sketches of my tropical garden in Mozambique. They are bundled in the book No Jardim. I also write about the growth and decline of the garden, the environment and my personal experiences. You can buy the book for € 20 in the Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg 64, The Hague or order it (+ shipping costs) via the Boekgilde publishing house, the bookshop or by email to, stating your name and address details.

Maputo 2014-2018