Rob van Doeselaar
In Mozambique I made sketches on an iPad of my tropical garden. They are bundled in a book that is published in December 2019. In No Jardim I also writes about the growth and decay of the plants, the environment and my personal experiences. You can buy the book for € 20 at the Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg 64, The Hague or you can order it (+ shipment) by sending an email Please include your name and adres. No Jardim is written in Dutch, but you can find the translation in English here.

Look at a selection of sketches

Look at the making of a sketch (Youtube)

A book with beautiful sketches

With every new painting, I embark on an adventure of unfamiliar routes using my own style, perception, and sense of color. Making a painting is as a personal journey. Layer-by-layer, a piece of art with its own soul arises.
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Last snow
High up in the mountains exists another world. The power of nature is almost physically tangible. Human influence appears to be absent, except for noticeable climate change.
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