Rob van Doeselaar
The World's greatest painting
Nothing in the world can measure up to New York. Everything about this city has been described with hyperbole. Empire State Building is 'The World's most famous building' and Macy's is 'The World's largest store'. State Governor Mario Cuomo said a day after the World Trade Center car park bombing that New York City was still 'The safest city in the World' because it was protected by 'The World's best police force'. In New York you cannot escape that strong desire to participate in the competition. So I made the World's greatest paintings. I numbered them and sometimes made more than one on a canvas.

Later on I started a series of paintings in which I mixed spontaneous expressive painter's gestures with a grid shape. They were simple and powerful compositions that refer to the street plan and the high facades as well as to the boundless energy of the Big Apple.

New York (1995-1998)